Waterproof vinyl stickers

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A common question we get asked is are the stickers you print waterproof? Will they last outside? In short, we print waterproof vinyl stickers that will last years outside. These are high quality vinyl stickers. We have a range of different stocks though, so check out out list below to see what is the best option.

Waterproof vinyl stickers – printed full colour.

We print full colour vinyl stickers that will last years outside. These are printed with UV inks, and typically are laminated. We use a CMYK process that allows for full color print, and also pantone matching of colors. We can cut custom shapes easily with this process.  These are good for small or varied runs, where you need them to last or take a beating. A laminate coat on your waterproof vinyl sticker will add impact damage and UV protection. We can do the laminate coating in gloss or matte. 

Head to our custom stickers page to choose the best option and for an instant quote.

Waterproof presized stickers – printed full colour.

These waterproof vinyl stickers are more suitable for packaging, or cheap promo. They will last in the rain and sun for around 4-6 months give or take. This depends on where you install them. They come in lots of 1000, and are a good cheap way to get a message out there. If you want something that can be stuck on laptops or inside, then these will last well. If you want something to last years outside, then these are not the right product for you. 

Head to our presized stickers page to choose the best option and for an instant price.

Waterproof vinyl stickers – screenprinted with UV inks

These are the most high quality vinyl stickers we can do. The use of solid inks and the screen-printing gives a great finish that can be pantone matched easily. These run in large numbers and ideal for bumper stickers, retail stickers or promo that you want to last. These will last years outside, and are super economic when run in large numbers. There is a one off setup cost for these that is removed from future sticker orders.

Every job with these is different, so head to our sticker quote page and let us know what you need so we can price it all up.

All of these stickers are suitable for different purposes. We ship overnight courier from our home base in Auckland. Hit us up and let us print your waterproof vinyl stickers!


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June 12, 2017