Featured Sticker – Keep the V8 Supercars in NZ Stickers

Our stickers are being used for good!

In an effort to keep the V8 supercars in NZ, a group out of Hamilton set up a facebook page/movement to try and keep them where they belong! In the process, some of the stickers have ended up in random places – the most notable being on an actual V8 Supercar – as well as a drivers drink bottle and a bum.

Check the pics below for proof – and read the interview with Em, the organiser.

1. Who are you, and where are you from?

We are two normal kiwis living in Hamilton, that happen to be mad crazy about the V8 Supercars. On hearing that NZ was going to lose their round, we couldn’t sit back and do nothing, so we started up a facebook page to get support for our cause. Which is keeping the V8s racing in New Zealand by the way.

2.What are your stickers for?

We wanted a product that would promote our page and be seen all over the country. A vinyl die cut sticker/decal for cars seemed perfect as it would be seen all over New Zealand.

3. Why did you choose Vinyl Die Cut stickers?

We understand that people who support our page generally are quite fond of their vehicles, and are quite specific about what they stick to it. We thought about a general bumper sticker, but we felt that the Die Cuts stickers gave a level of professionalism and were a product that people would happily stick on their pride and joy.

4. Who did your design?

The words on our design are the name of our facebook page. The layout was designed by customstickers.co.nz.

5. Where can people get hold of your stickers or see more about what you are doing?

To join in the support for your cause, ‘like’ our facebook page or for stickers, just email keepthev8supercarsinnewzealand@gmail.com

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April 25, 2012