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Converting Fonts to Outlines in Adobe InDesign

Converting fonts is an important part of sticker printing. Without it, we can’t print your flash new font as we probably don’t have it installed on our end. The Answer? Convert it to an outline! This little you tube nugget shows you how to do it in indesign. See the video below!    

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Stickers. We love printing them. So send us through your sticker designs and let us custom print them. We can print all types of stickers out of our Auckland Sticker Printing office, for shipping NZ wide. We have just added a new product to the range – white sticker prints on clear stock. These are […]

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Short Sleeve Co – Posters and Stickers

We recently printed some posters and stickers for our mates over at short sleeve co. They are a new clothing company that won the AS Color ‘little help project’ – a competition to help recognise startup clothing labels with potential, and give them a kickstart into life with a 10k prize. Their point of difference […]

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Printed Stickers and the Main Differences

Sticker printing is a good business – but sometimes a little confusing. In this blog post we have aimed to show you the benefits between different types of printed sticker, so you can make your mind up a little easier what is right for you. 1 – Sticker Quantities. The number of printed stickers you […]

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Kiss Cut and Punched Die Cut stickers – What is the difference?

When buying or designing stickers, it is important to know what you are getting…Two simple terms that we here at see getting confused a lot are KISS CUT and PUNCHED DIE CUT stickers. We have decided to spell this one out, and hopefully help you sort out which is more appropriate for you. KISS […]

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Bumper Stickers and Why They are Great for Business

Bumper stickers are a tried and true method of getting your message out and about. You may be thinking, these are played out, how can I justify the spend and how they will benefit what I am doing/my business? Read on to see the light…! 1. People and your stickers find you new customers – […]

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