Stickers. We love printing them. So send us through your sticker designs and let us custom print them. We can print all types of stickers out of our Auckland Sticker Printing office, for shipping NZ wide. We have just added a new product to the range – white sticker prints on clear stock. These are […]

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Screenprinted Stickers – What are they and when you should use them

We love screenprinted stickers here – they produce great results and are high quality and very practical way of promotion. And the look great! Screenprinted stickers are made with screens for each color used and layers of ink (which we can pantone match if need be) are laid over one another to produce a final […]

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Auckland Die Cut Sticker – How to Create Outlines in Illustrator to setup a File for Die Cut stickers.

Creative Sticker design is important – but the actual artwork behind your sticker is even more important! We are going to make a file so that we can Vinyl Die Cut an Auckland Sticker to show how to do this important step. Adobe Illustrator is a great program for design. We receive files for printing […]

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