Screenprinted Stickers – What are they and when you should use them

We love screenprinted stickers here – they produce great results and are high quality and very practical way of promotion. And the look great! Screenprinted stickers are made with screens for each color used and layers of ink (which we can pantone match if need be) are laid over one another to produce a final […]

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Kiss Cut and Punched Die Cut stickers – What is the difference?

When buying or designing stickers, it is important to know what you are getting…Two simple terms that we here at see getting confused a lot are KISS CUT and PUNCHED DIE CUT stickers. We have decided to spell this one out, and hopefully help you sort out which is more appropriate for you. KISS […]

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Jasons Travel Brochure Stickers

We were approached by Jason Travel Guides to make them some stickers to go on all of their travel brochure holders around New Zealand to promote their new iphone app. As you can see, it rolled out with a QR code and a nice full color print. There were a few criteria – with the […]

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