Vinyl Die Cut Sticker and Custom Decal Color Swatch

We only use quality materials for our Vinyl Die Cuts/Custom Decals. Our standard color swatch is below. We can also pantone match colors, and cut custom vinyls, including Fluorescent Vinyl, Holographic Vinyl and Chrome Vinyl. Click on the thumbnail below to get a large view of the standard colors we have! If you need some […]

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Short Sleeve Co – Posters and Stickers

We recently printed some posters and stickers for our mates over at short sleeve co. They are a new clothing company that won the AS Color ‘little help project’ – a competition to help recognise startup clothing labels with potential, and give them a kickstart into life with a 10k prize. Their point of difference […]

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Printed Stickers and the Main Differences

Sticker printing is a good business – but sometimes a little confusing. In this blog post we have aimed to show you the benefits between different types of printed sticker, so you can make your mind up a little easier what is right for you. 1 – Sticker Quantities. The number of printed stickers you […]

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Screenprinted Stickers – What are they and when you should use them

We love screenprinted stickers here – they produce great results and are high quality and very practical way of promotion. And the look great! Screenprinted stickers are made with screens for each color used and layers of ink (which we can pantone match if need be) are laid over one another to produce a final […]

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