Clear Stickers

Clear Stickers

We can make clear stickers for your needs easily. These can be custom shaped and printed to your specs.

There are two types of clear sticker available for you.

1 – Screenprinted

These are screenprinted with ink rather than digitally printed – meaning that there are solid colors with NO transparency. If you want a white sticker print on clear stock, you need to use this process. These come in lots of 500 and get cheaper as the numbers rise. We can custom cut these to shape as you see fit, and the cost for a custom die is very reasonable.

2 – Clear Digital Print Stickers

These are ideal for short run and custom shapes. The issue here is that the lighter colors have an element of transparency to them – ie yellow and light blue etc are very transparent. We also cannot print white using this process. Darker colors print well, but still have a slightly transparent finish. The ideal use for these is on white bags, labels etc – but they won't work well on dark colors or on windows in general.

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