Stickers in New Zealand

The Sticker market in New Zealand is a very interesting one. Basically, there are a few different variables that you should check out when you are choosing your custom sticker printer.

Do your homework!

One company that advertises stickers on google ads, and lists their address as Parnell in Auckland, doesn’t….actually….exist..there. Weird right? No office in NZ although they say they have = sketchiness at best. And that is backed up when we often get people coming to us after getting rubbish service and terrible quality stickers from them, straight from the 3rd world. We actually exist here in New Zealand. If you want a pickup, thats fine!

As with everything else, you get what you pay for!

Advertising a super cheap rate for a super expensive product (ie M rate custom sticker printing) should be taken with caution. Giving a price before seeing your custom artwork often leads to hidden costs and pricing, dodgy artwork charges and ‘extras’. At, we quote you accurately first time and guide you to the best sticker for your needs – you get what you pay for!

Service is king!

Call most of the other so called ‘local sticker suppliers’ and you get a sketchy voip line to the Phillipines or somewhere. Call us, and you get a nice quality 2 degrees mobile line with a friendly voice or two on the end, talking out of Auckland, NZ. If you need directions, call the AA, if you need help with stickers then call us.

Basically, the reason for this post about custom sticker printing is that we are sick of people getting the wool pulled over their eyes by sketchy crew, and having to pick up the pieces later on. If you want a trustworthy local custom sticker printer for your vinyl stickers, bumper stickers, custom stickers, signage etc, then call us.

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August 13, 2013