Sticker printing in NZ – why you should choose

Custom stickers is our name, and custom sticker printing is our game – cliche but true.

We print a wide variety of stickers. These include labels for small home businesses, through to bumper stickers for multi national companies. The most important thing when ordering stickers online is credibility. A close second is the ability to communicate your ideas correctly so that you receive the appropriate type of sticker. We also love supporting local!


We stand behind our work and are located in West Auckland, you can call us anytime. We recommend an online interaction for ease of use and speed. If you are really a social being and want to drink a coffee and talk sticker talk we are happy to meet up and help guide you to sticker heaven.

Appropriate type of sticker.

There are many types of stickers that work for different uses. The easiest way is to let us recommend the correct stock for your needs. At the bottom of the quote page is little box that says ‘what am I using my stickers for’. The more info you give, the easier it is for us to select the best stock for your needs. Once you click the form, the email is sent to sticker HQ in Auckland, and our little team of sticker nerds can make your sticker dream a reality.

Support your local sticker supplier.

We are NZ born and bred, run a family sticker and sign business and work hard to make sure that kiwis get good stickers. We believe in good customer service, efficient online sticker ordering and backing our customers up. Our stock is bought locally, and when needed use other local companies for custom fabrication or printing materials.

One of the main issues we see is when customers have been sold the wrong type of stock for their sticker. This can mean their outdoor sticker falls off their car in 6 months, or their cheap sticker is complete trash. Unfortunately, a couple of other companies that¬†aren’t actually in New Zealand but pretend to be tend to be the main culprits here. Check who you are dealing with. Make a call and talk to someone from up the road, not from some 3rd world country who will not care when it all goes pear shaped.

In the sticker business, you get what you pay for! So keep it local, support us and let us support you!

Email us at and let us help you make some mean stickers.




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July 9, 2018