Basic Artwork Guide for sticker printing

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Here are a couple of bullet points you need to know when supplying us art.



1 – If you are supplying a jpeg, please send it sized at 300dpi to print size. You can check this in photoshop in the image panel (Image/image size – look for the Dots per inch field).

2 – If you can’t check that, send the JPEG as big as you can.


VECTOR STICKER ART – illustrator/inkscape

3 – If you are supplying a vector file (.ai, .eps, vector pdf) then please outline all of your fonts! These can be done by selecting all your text, right clicking and choosing CREATE OUTLINES.

4 – Please make sure all of your images are embedded – you can do this through the links panel in illustrator. Click the drop down arrow in the top right hand side, and select embed image.



5 – Please send large files through a cloud service, such as dropbox or hightail (formerly yousendit). If using dropbox, we prefer you to up0load your art as a zip file to the public folder in your own dropbox, and send us the public link (right click the file name for this option).


If you have any problems, please email and we can help guide you to a solution.



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June 23, 2014