Screenprinted Stickers – What are they and when you should use them

We love screenprinted stickers here – they produce great results and are high quality and very practical way of promotion. And the look great!

Screenprinted stickers are made with screens for each color used and layers of ink (which we can pantone match if need be) are laid over one another to produce a final result. These stickers have a setup cost for setting up the screens as a by-product of this process – and are therefore cheaper to run in larger quantities. One bonus of these however, is we can use a custom die to punch die Cut these stickers to shape, which looks epic…! We can make these dies in any shape you want – see the pics for some examples of some recent work. A custom die adds to the cost, but only once as we can store these for you.

The main uses for stickers is for either large runs of bumper stickers, or where a high quality finish is needed. They are great for giveaways and promo, and easy to apply due to them being a slap and stick sticker – peel off the backing and stick it up!

So in short, these are good for…

  • Runs of 500 stickers or above (in lots of 500).
  • Solid Colors – the more colors used the more expensive.
  • Custom Punched Shapes where the WHOLE sticker ends up in a custom shape
  • Where high quality finish is a must – these stickers tend to be valued highly!

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July 31, 2012