RPM Apparel Vinyl Die Cut Team Stickers

We recently made some stickers for the iconic NZ brand RPM. These guys have made good clothing/outerwear for years now, so we were stoked to load them up with some equally good Vinyl Die Cut Stickers. They wanted to represent themselves professionally, so what better way that with some high quality stickers.

We did a simple straight run of Black and White Die Cuts – the black ones destined for surfboards and light colored cars/laptops etc, and the white stickers destined for windows and everywhere else they would stand out. We used a solid vinyl for these as they were due to take a beating – which turns out to be our standard vinyl as we dont use cheap crap.

These RPM stickers were used for team riders as well as promotional giveaways, and we were stoked to help support a good business. So you should too… go check them out at rpm.co.nz or on their crackbook page – www.facebook.com/RPMNZ.

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June 7, 2012