Mt Ruapehu Bumper Stickers

Mt Ruapehu Bumper Stickers

About this Job

Stickers and snow culture go together like humans and breathing. The crew at Mt Ruapehu have used our services for a few years now - we print bumper stickers that are included in the package for anyone lucky enough to buy a season pass. These bumper stickers are printed with a single color UV ink, on clear outdoor vinyl so that they can take the punishment of a mountain environment. The vinyl is tough, and more than up to the challenge. 

They have a peel tab at the side of them to allow for easy removal, and the use of white ink on the sticker means that when put on glass it will stand out. Sticker tip of the day today is that dark printed stickers tend to hide on glass.

We have printed stickers for a lot of the other ski resorts in the country including Cardrona, Treble Cone, Snow Park (RIP) and The Remarkables to name a few.

Why did they use us? 

1 - These stickers last in the harsh alpine environment. We use a high quality vinyl and ink to make sure that when these are stuck on car windows that they actually last.

2 - They are super economic to run at high numbers. The screenprinting process means that there is a cost to setup, but once these costs are covered the benefits of running large numbers of stickers are obvious with a smaller unit price the more stickers you order. These are particularly good for larger businesses looking for a lot of exposure to customers who identify with your brand.

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What we did

Custom Screenprinted Bumper Stickers


Screenprinted Bumper Stickers

Long life vinyl and UV inks

Pantone Matched Colors

Peel tabs (optional)

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