Kiss Cut and Punched Die Cut stickers – What is the difference?

When buying or designing stickers, it is important to know what you are getting…Two simple terms that we here at see getting confused a lot are KISS CUT and PUNCHED DIE CUT stickers. We have decided to spell this one out, and hopefully help you sort out which is more appropriate for you.

KISS CUT STICKERS means stickers that have been cut with a knife to a custom shape during the printing process, allowing the cut shape to be released from the paper backing. Typically, these come in standard trimmed rectangles or squares, and your sticker is peeled off, so that when it is applied you have your shape. The knife only cuts through the adhesive part of the sticker, not the backing paper. These are more commonly used by us for short run digital print and cut stickers, or for other uses such as custom sticker sheets. See below for a ninja sticker example..

PUNCHED DIE CUT STICKERS are stickers where a custom die is made to your shape. A die is essentially a sharp shape cutter (like the old play-dough ones) that punches your sticker to shape. The whole sticker including the backing is the final shape of the sticker. These usually come with a Split back, which means that the back of the sticker is split so you can peel these off easily. We only make these types of stickers when making Large runs (500+) of screenprinted stickers (that includes bumper stickers!), and they always look pretty sharp… see below for a madazz example..

Punched die cut stickers have a one off setup cost to make the die, and kiss cut stickers are a little more expensive than standard stickers.

Both need to be setup in a vector file which we are happy to do, or you can supply it print ready – blog post coming soon on that little gem!

These both have different purposes and uses, and each will vary from job to job dependent on your needs. Check up with us if you have any questions – we are happy to help.

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July 1, 2012