Holographic Stickers and Reflective Stickers


We print all sorts of stickers – recently we have done a few on reflective sticker or holographic sticker stock.

The Holographic printed stickers were for caps, and were digitally printed with the logos of the companies. There is one main style of sticker stock that we use for this – the result is a shiny cap sticker that makes the cap look super professional. We also have been sticker printing for our mates at Rota Wheels. They wanted something a little bit different – so we found a stock that we now call Rota Green. It is a bright green super reflective sticker stock that shines out all sorts of patterns. We cut their logo out of the vinyl, and they are now giving them away with any purchase – yup, they are free stickers!

We have also cut a whole lot of chrome mirror stickers recently, as well as reflective stickers for the back of a van, to warn oncoming motorists that there are cyclists ahead. Prob better to see a reflective sticker early than the rear end of a cyclist too late.

Check out the images for examples of what we have done and can do for you.

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November 14, 2012