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We print a lot of custom student ID card stickers around this time of year. All the university and polytech clubs are getting back into gear for the upcoming year of hard work. Student ID card stickers are an essential part for students to identify themselves as members of clubs and get all the discounts and benefits that are privy to members. If you join a club the last thing you want is your ID card sticker to fade off in a few weeks – which is a pain for all involved.

What are your ID card stickers printed with?

Our card ID stickers are digitally printed and laminated with a UV laminate. A UV laminate protects the print underneath from impact damage, as well as skin oil or rubbing. This means that they will take the beating that they will inevitably get in a students wallet. Cheap offset stickers are no good for this as the rub off and fade. 

How are the stickers provided?

We also provide these stickers on rolls or sheets so that they are easily dispensed to the end user, and can be easily dispensed as needed by the club admin officers.

We offer free courier to clubs in NZ when the code FREECLUB is mentioned, and print in a short turnaround time. 

What does a typical ID card sticker order cost?

Our minimum order is $110+gst, which will get you 300-350 stickers or so at a typical size. A typical ID card sticker size is either a 10mm circle or a smaller rectangle sitting around 20mm x 10mm. We can do either of these, as well as custom shaped stickers if need be. You can also get other stickers to promote your club and sell to members – see here for an example from Waikato University.

Where are you located?

We are located in Auckland and ship stickers New Zealand wide on tracked overnight courier.

Please send us an email with your artwork and courier details for a no obligation quote. Email us at and we will get back to you with a proof and quote and get your stickers printing.



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February 12, 2019