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Waterproof vinyl stickers

A common question we get asked is are the stickers you print waterproof? Will they last outside? In short, we print waterproof vinyl stickers that will last years outside. These are high quality vinyl stickers. We have a range of different stocks though, so check out out list below to see what is the best option. […]

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Screenprinted bumper stickers – 5 reasons these are good for marketing in New Zealand

Bumper stickers have been around for years, and there is a good reason for that. They work. Here are 5 reasons that we reckon printing stickers is good marketing option for your business or event. 1 – Bang for your buck  These stickers are so economic it is ridiculous. Typically there is a setup cost, but once you […]

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Wedding Stickers

Wedding stickers are a great way to personalise your wedding. We print a lot of custom sticker sheets for weddings. These are used for personalising wedding favours such as table gifts, or sealing envelopes for wedding invitations. We can custom print and cut your stickers to any shape, and they are a great finishing touch. […]

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